Security Hologram


Security foils have become the most common overt security features on valuable documents and branded goods; providing a recognisable mark of authenticity, a ‘carrier’ for other covert authentication technologies and a powerful deterrent to tampering and counterfeiting. We provide various products to protect your brand from counterfeits whilst also enhancing the beauty of your products. A choice from Security Hologram Foils and Tamper Evident Void are available for your selection.


  -    FMT provides security foils that can be distinguished by both Overt technology and Covert technology.

  -    With the latest technological developments, security foils have become much more clearer and distinguishable

  -    FMT in supported by a highly experienced team in Holographic Foils’ design.

  -    Hologram Foils are available as Hot Stamping Foils, Cold Stamping Foils and PET Labels. Additional, other methods          can be catered to our valued customers’ desire.