Security Hologram


Security foils have become the most common overt security features on valuable documents and branded goods; providing a recognisable mark of authenticity, a ‘carrier’ for other covert authentication technologies and a powerful deterrent to tampering and counterfeiting. We provide various products to protect your brand from counterfeits whilst also enhancing the beauty of your products. A choice from Security Hologram Foils and Tamper Evident Void are available for your selection.


  -    FMT provides security foils that can be distinguished by both Overt technology and Covert technology.

  -    With the latest technological developments, security foils have become much more clearer and distinguishable

  -    FMT in supported by a highly experienced team in Holographic Foils’ design.

  -    Hologram Foils are available as Hot Stamping Foils, Cold Stamping Foils and PET Labels. Additional, other methods          can be catered to our valued customers’ desire.


Card Technology


FMT provides various stamping foils in regards to the card industry such as Magnefic foils, Signature Foils, Scratch Off Foils, tipping foils and TTR for Plastic Cards.


  -   Magnetic Foils produced by renowned factories in Japan guarantees the standards of quality. A wide selection of                 products allows tolerability to printing methods as LoCo and HiCo.

  -   A wide range of colours for your selection ranging for black, brown, blue, gold, red, green as well as many others    

      exclusive to FMT.

  -   FMT provides a variety of patterns for Scratch Off Foils for usage on both plastic cards and paper cards.

  -   Signature Foils comes in an assortment of choices, its high opacity makes it highly resistant to inks.

  -   Tipping foils are highly scratch resistant, making it suitable for usage on cards.

  -   Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Plastic Cards are highly scratch resistant and it suitable for usage on cards.