Stamping Foils are widely used in today’s world due to their ability in enhancing to beauty and worth of products. FMT provides you the best of selections in regards to quality and pricing from our wide range of products. FMT’s variety of products allow us cater for you the best of products.


  -   Metallic and Hologram Foils

  -   Gives a reflective metal-like shine, irreplaceable by other technology.

  -   Over printable on both ink and other foilsCan be printed at high speed of approximately 5000 sheets/hour


Pigmented Foils


  -   Higher opacity, density and uniformity of colours when compared to ink printing

  -   Suitable for printing that desires tactile effects

  -   Printable on rough substrates such as leather, velvet and other fabric surfaces.

  -   Quick drying in contrast to ink printing

  -   Wide arrays of colours for your selections ranging from white, black, grey, blue, etc.