Hot Stamping Foils


Hot Stamping Foils has always been widely used in the label industry. The printing precision and wide array of colours’ selection makes hot stamping foils a much desired commodity as often seen on labels of beauty products.


Advantages of Hot Stamping foils


  -   Suitable for various substrates as stickers, coated UV vanishes, laminated OPP, coated paper and uncoated paper

  -   Suitable for printers as as Gallus, Gidue, Mark Andy and Nilpeter

  -   Highly resistant to head and can be printed at high speed

  -   Allows Overprinting

  -   Wide colours selection; ranging from silver, gold, red, green, blue, orange, pink, etc.


Cold Stamping Foils


Usage of Graphic Cold Foils for the Label Industry


  -   Cold foils raise products’ value with visual aesthetics

  -   Offers a precise printing method along with various selections of of colours and patterns for printing


Advantages of Cold foils


  -   Suitable for various substrates as PP, PE, PVC and PO

  -   Usable in standard machines as Gallus, Gidue, Mark Andy and Nilpeter

  -   Allows Overprinting

  -   High-speed printing

  -   Wide range of products to choose from, ranging from Holo Cold foil to Metafoil.

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