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Coding Foils


FMT provides a wide selection of Coding Foils in both size and colour for optimal usage in various machines. Coding foils are widely used for on expiry dates due to its high scratch resistant and strong adhesive properties. Other properties includes:


  • Its suitability for high speed lettering and date coding on filmic packaging and labels for food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Good resistance to Wines & Spirits

  • Good resistance to Plasticizer migration

  • High resistance to Abrasion

  • Excellent resistance to Water

  • Excellent resistance to boiling, freezing and eatable oil.

  • Suitable for Nylon, OPP, PE, PET, Cellophane, Cellulose and Metalized films.

  • Suitable for coated, uncoated and synthetic papers.


Thermal Transfer Ribbon


FMT provides high quality Thermal Transfer Ribbon to cover all of our customers’ need. Operations can be handled by printers from various brands as Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Sim, Eltron, Datacard, Linx, Vedeojet, Markem and others. TTR can be separated into 4 groups of Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin and Near Edge in accordance to their properties which are listed below.




  -   Suitable for printing on labels

  -   Low temperature is used when printing




  -   Suitable for barcodes printing

  -   Resistant to scratches

  -   Medium temperature required for printing




  -   Suitable for printing on PVC and PET Film plastics

  -   Highly resistant to scratches and chemicals


TTR for Food Packing   


Near Edge


  -   Suitable for printing on PET Film, used widely for food packaging

  -   Highly resistant to heat

  -   Can be printed at medium speed

  -   Slow deterioration of the Printing Head