Card Technology


FMT provides various stamping foils in regards to the card industry such as Magnefic foils, Signature Foils, Scratch Off Foils, tipping foils and TTR for Plastic Cards.


  -   Magnetic Foils produced by renowned factories in Japan guarantees the standards of quality. A wide selection of                 products allows tolerability to printing methods as LoCo and HiCo.

  -   A wide range of colours for your selection ranging for black, brown, blue, gold, red, green as well as many others    

      exclusive to FMT.

  -   FMT provides a variety of patterns for Scratch Off Foils for usage on both plastic cards and paper cards.

  -   Signature Foils comes in an assortment of choices, its high opacity makes it highly resistant to inks.

  -   Tipping foils are highly scratch resistant, making it suitable for usage on cards.

  -   Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Plastic Cards are highly scratch resistant and it suitable for usage on cards.